QRQ Keyer

Keyer is primarily developed for learning and practicing telegraphy (high quality side tone and built-in AF amplifier) however, the ability to connect it wirelessly to a PC or smartphone via Bluetooth virtual RS-232 serial port (internal Bluetooth serial port module) gives keyer wide application.

The aforementioned features make the 9A5N QRQ keyer completely different from other keyers on the global market that use a USB wired connection to a PC and have square waveform side tone that plays on the buzzer.

9A5N QRQ Keyer is WinKeyer3 compatible and can be integrated with all logging programs that have WinKeyer support.


-       Side tone of high-quality sine waveform

-       Side tone frequency adjustable from 392 to 1397 Hz

-       Built-in 1W Hi-Fi AF amplifier

-       Side tone volume potentiometer

-       AF output for connecting an external speaker or headphones

-       AF input for connecting the AF output from the transceiver

-       Iambic A/B, Ultimatic, Bug and Straight Key mode

-       Adjustable keying speed from 5 to 99 WPM

-       CW speed potentiometer with variable setting range

-       Farnsworth adjustable CW speed for learning telegraphy

-       Auto spacing function for the correct length of pauses between characters

-       CW output with MOSFET transistor 60V/500mA

-       Bluetooth serial port for wireless connection with a PC, smartphone etc.

-       Serial port input buffer with a capacity of 410 characters

-       One temporary and 5 permanent message memories with a capacity of up to 1024 characters each

-       CW decoder for correct keying control

-       Possibility to calibrate the frequency of the microcontroller oscillator

-       Compatibility with WinKeyer 3.1 protocol

-       Mini USB power supply connector 5V/0.5A max

-       Maximum power consumption 2W (depends on the side tone volume)


            Dimensions: 89 x 64 x 35 mm


  Price – 95 €